Thursday, May 20, 2010

Home Sweet Home

This is where we retreat after a long day of work...this is our first place!
We couldnt be more happy with all of our 792 sq ft, hehe small but perfect for the two of us. I love living here with my best friend!!! :)

Here is a tour....
(Sorry these were taken from my phone, not the best quality)

Our beautiful couch that was stored in my parents garage for two months is finally in its rightful place! Such a small space, but oh so comfy, and the perfect place to wind down. Cant wait to get our wedding pictures framed to complete the wall! I love having a place to decorate!!! :)

One of my favorite areas of the house. Love that I am finally able to decorate with all my cute stuff...ive been waiting 5 months! It was torture haha.

The living room leads into the kitchen/dinning/laundary area. Its tiny, which made it very hard to fit ALL of our kitchen supplies in the limited storage space, but we were able to manage. No more than two people at a time though in this space! We dont have our table yet in the dinning area so there are no pictures of that quite yet. 

The last area downstairs is the half bathroom. Very convenient for our guests so they dont have to hike the stairs!

Now on to the upstairs....

This is the master bedroom, very very tiny. Our king bed practically takes up the whole room! Which is fine with us because we dont have a ton of furniture, made decorating a breeze! I have just a few more things for Jared to put up on the wall to make it less empty. Oh and I just LOVE our bedding set, one of our purchases from our wedding gift cards! (pictures dont give it justice though...)

Next is our little bathroom. Not too much to see, but it is cute! Im so glad there are only two of us or else sharing would be a nightmare! haha :)

Then last but not least, there is our guest bedroom! Still in the process of setting up the bed, but we are loving how it is turning out! Cant wait for all our out of town friends to come and stay with us :)

We cant get enough of our place! It has been so perfect for our family of three, Deecee has loved her new home. Its nice that she has a front porch to play around on while we are gone :) The neighborhood is so quite, we have awesome neighbors, and we are so close to our families! We feel so very blessed, and couldnt ask for more! :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

the count down begins!!!

We are SO anxious for summer to get here!!! Why you may ask...because our family has started a yearly tradition. We spend a long relaxing week in MEXICO :) 

In 57 days we will be here....

I have an Aunt and Uncle who have a time share at the Mayan Palace and every year we get a whole bunch of family and friends to spend the week together. It is so fun! And I am so very excited to be able to bring Jared along this year! :) We cant wait to get away from our busy work schedules and enjoy the beautiful beach with our awesome family and friends!!!

Here are a few pictures from previous years

57 more days....Mexico here we come!!!