Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We. Are. Slackers

Roxanne here, I totally thought I was gunna be better at keeping this up to date....oops! Well, February has been a very bitter sweet month for us :) Our Valentines day consisted of spending the day with my younger brother Jacob! He gave his mission farewell talk that day in church and we had a little get together in his honor that night for him. He reported to the MTC on the 17th, we are all SO very proud of him and for his decision to serve the Lord! :) He has been such a great example to us. On the 18th I got free tickets from work to see Mary Poppins at Gammage, and thankfuly my sweetheart was willing to go with me! :) I love him! Its awesome when husbands are willing to step out of thier comfort zones for their wifes!!! :) On the 19th we went to "The Underground" to see Austin Gibbs and the States perform with our sister Elle, that was so much fun! And then last but not least saturday the 20th we went on a hike to the Windcaves with Elle and some of her friends and our mom Karen. I was so surprised that I (well we) made it hahaha! We turned out to be in better shape then I thought we were. Made my weekend! Then that night we got together with some of Jared's High School friends for dinner at Nando's, we both had such a blast we love getting together with them! We are so blessed to have such great friends and family in our lives :)
 Elder Reed :)

We are all so proud of him! 


Elle :)



Great Seats!

And that was February with the Harris's! :)  

Monday, February 8, 2010

Jared's first ever post

Jared here, this is my first ever post on a blog in my entire entire life. Thats right 2 entires. Roxanne set this up for me to start typing and the first thing she said was to please keep it appropriate. I guess I have a bad reputation for being inappropriate. So I guess this is what married people do right? They get a blog? and they start blogging it. Does this make me a blogger now?
Let me start off my first ever blog by saying thank you to everyone who helped with mine and Roxanne's wedding. It was a great day for us because everyone worked so hard to make it a great day for us.
My name is Jared and this is my first ever blog

Lets Start this thing! :)

Hello fellow bloggers! Me and Jared are SO excited to get this blog started :) We figured it would be a great way to update family and friends about how the 'Newlyweds' are doing. To start off with...we are doing GREAT! :) We are just loving married life and to put it simply, we are living the dream. We would like to thank all our AMAZING family & friends who have helped us in so many ways. Our wedding day was INCREDIBLE. I love that I am sealed to my best friend! I cant wait to see how our story unfolds. 
December 19, 2009! :)
Husband & Wife :)

My Gorgeous Brides Maids!
Studly Grooms Men
The Wedding Party :)

Our Parents! We love them!
My Amazing cake!My Everything

Now its time for the 'Post Wedding Day Life' summary thingy. hehe :) After we got back from our SA-weet Honeymoon (San Diego and Mexico Cruise) it was time to come back to reality...haha. We are currently both working full time and saving our pennies to buy a home within (hopefully) the next few months...cross your fingers! Jared is a Realtor for Edge Realty and he just LOVES it! Im so grateful for him, he is such a hard worker :) I work for a medical billing company, Walker, Miller and Associates LLC. And I just LOVE my job too! It has been such a blessing, its flexible, such a great working environment, and the people are just awesome! :) We have been so so blessed! Well, thats about it for now...but lots of exciting adventures are soon to come! This month is gunna bring alot of changes we are so excited! :)