Sunday, October 30, 2011

Harris Count Downs

Before we get to our count downs id like to mention two things...
So excited for the cooler weather, hot chocolate, sweaters, and spending 
time with our families!! AND so ready for the craziness...
the last 3 months of the year are always soooooo busy for us. So excited
for all the hustle and bustle :D

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to my little brother Jacob!!
He is currently serving a mission in the Philippines.
(Isnt he such a stud??) :D

Okay now for the Harris count downs!!!

26 days till Thanksgiving
 (gotta love a day full of yummy food and lots of time with family!)

27 days till Black Friday (Shop till we drop!)

35 days till Our CRUISE to the Bahamas!!!! (We're so stoked!!)

50 days till our 2nd Anniversary!! (Cant believe its been that long already?!)

56 days till Christmas (Our Favorite holiday!)

59 days till Jared's 26th Birthday! (I'm SO glad he was born!) :D

Then last but not least....
 114 days till my brother Jacob will be home from his mission!!!

We love count downs....could you tell?? ;) hehehe

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Can you tell that we are related???

Saturday night my gorgeous little sister asked
me to take some pictures for her. I couldn't say no, I've been DYING
to use my camera!! We had so much fun, she is a ball of energy and just so beautiful!!
I cant believe how grown up she is now, I feel so old... :/ 
Anyways, enjoy :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Project Overload

Since Ive been SO bad at blogging lately....this is going to be a catch up post!
Get ready for a Project and picture overload!!

Project #1 Man Wardrobe
(Jared's been really wanting a wardrobe to put all of his business clothes in.)
My mom scored an awesome deal on an old antique 
wardrobe/cabinet from GoodWill many years ago.
Ive been eyeing it for the longest time!
Waiting for the day she wouldnt need it anymore...
Well that day came about a few weeks ago :D
I earned some brownie points cause I turned it into
 Jared's dream work wardrobe 
rather than using it in my craft room. haha!

Here it is before

And here it is after

We love how it turned out! :) 

Project #2 Coffee Table
Our 5 dollar coffee table was in NEED
 of a makeover to bring it back to life and to add some
color to the living room.

Here it is before

And here it is after

I was soooooo nervous to paint it yellow, but Im sooooo
glad I did!! :) I love the color and love how it looks in my living room!

Project #3 Fabric Wall Art
I love inexpensive projects!! We've been needing 
something above our sofa to make it cozy and
 to bring some color to the room but didnt want to put pictures up.
 *Bad experiences with that one..
So my solution to the problem was......*drum roll*


We love it!! It brings so much color to the room and was so inexpensive
and easy to do!

Here is how we made them
Start with some fun fabrics 
(I got these fabric squares from the fabric store for about a buck)

Then pick out your looms!
You can get these at any craft store and range
from about $0.99 -$3.99 depending on the size you choose

Next paint them whatever color you want!
Or you dont have to paint them, i think the oak color can
be just as cool!
(sorry I dont have pictures for the next step :( )
Once they are dry, take out the middle circle (there are two per loom)
place the fabric on top of the middle loom
 then place the outside loom over that
(the fabric should be in between both looms)
Then tighten the fabric by pulling from
 the back then cut off the excess fabric
AND tada! You got awesome wall art!
 I think they look so awesome in
a living room, dinning room, and nurseries. And the best part is
if they fall they are soooooo light they wont hurt you or a little one :)

Project #4 Bedroom Nightstands 
We've had our nightstands for almost a year...and finally got around to repainting them!
I got them at a garage sale for 20 bucks, such a steal! :) 

Here is the Before

And here is the after

It went from white and gold to white and aqua.
A much needed change I think :)

Well thanks for taking the time to look at these projects,  I hope you all
love them as much as we do! We are loving our house and being able
to decorate!