Monday, February 27, 2012

Returned with Honor

My little brother is HOME!!!
He arrived home on Wednesday from serving
 a 2 year mission in the Philippines.
Its been so awesome to have him back and to have
 our whole family together again :)

We all had to do a double take when he arrived...he is SO skinny!
He lost about 80 pounds!!!
Here are pictures from that night :D

My dad and sister Chyanne waiting for him to arrive
And then there he was!!! :)
Big welcome home hug from our Mom!
Reading the posters we made for him
Dad welcoming him home

Love my two brothers!
Love my family!!!

Everyone who came to welcome him back at the airport
 The O'Barrs, love them! :)
 And the Stevens, love them! :)

It was a great night, and its been so fun helping him get clothes, etc.. :)
Thank you so much Jacob for your service! You have brought
so many blessings to our family!
Thanks for Returning with Honor!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So....Its been a little too long since we have blogged...
but yes we are alive and well! haha!
So lets play some catch up!

December was a very busy lets start from the beginning!

On December 4th we left on a cruise to the Bahamas to celebrate our
 two year anniversary, it was amazing!! A week wasn't long enough.
I highly recommend going, it is so gorgeous and the beaches are to die for!!
Here are a few pictures from our trip

The plane ride to Orlando

The Hotel inside the airport where we spent the first night of our trip!
Boarding the ship Carnival Ecstasy!

We saw so many rainbows :)

First day at sea, fun on the boat

Relaxing with tasty drinks :)

First port, Nassau Bahamas!
Here we took a guided tour of the island, it was awesome!
Jared's favorite place we went to was the Graycliff.
Its an old mansion that was owned by a pirate! Its now a 12 bedroom Hotel.
The place is just amazing, we wanna go back some day to stay for a night.
Gangsters like Al Copone would escape to this hotel during the prohibition era. Pretty cool stuff!
This is a lion carved out of wood, over 100 years old.
This is the pool at Graycliff, its also 100 years old!
 All the tiles were hand painted, super neat!
These are some statues outside the Atlantis Hotel and Casino.

My absolute favorite port of the trip! Half Moon Cay its GORGEOUS!
Its a private island owned by carnival. The water is so clear and has white sand.
It was so nice to relax on the beach the whole day!

The last port was Freeport Bahamas. We also took a
tour of the city. That is the best way to see everything!

Jared eating fresh coconut,  He loved it but I wasn't so much a fan...I love
dried and sweetened coconut so much better :)
Next was our anniversary on December 19th!
Cant believe it has been that long. Its been the best two years of my life!
We've had so many adventures and we cant wait for the many more to come!!!
We also celebrated our anniversary with a dinner at the Melting Pot!
It was to die for!!

Next was christmas, it was perfect! One of my favorites by far!
We were very spoiled by our parents.
Here are some pictures, Im sad I only have some with my side of the family :(

My dad is the KING of facial expressions haha...

Jared got me this moose head haha it looks awesome in our house :)

Well that was it for December! Sorry this post was all over the place and was a picture over load!
Thanks for stopping by!