Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Words can not even describe how excited we are that June is here!!!
June is our vacation month this year. We are just chomping at the bit to have a break from our busy lives!
To start the month off we will be attending a family Reunion on our Reed side in Snowflake. I love Snowflake, it is a town full of memories for me and my family. Im so excited that Jared gets to come to this reunion with me this year! Since we have been married we have been able to take some special trips up there. We cut down our first christmas tree there, Easter, General Conference, and Chyanne's Patriarchal blessing (given by my grandpa!). I love being married and sharing these memories with him!
This is a picture with all who made it to the Reunion last year
(I cant believe this was two months before Jared popped the question!!!)

Our next AMAZING trip is gunna be a week long!!! We are going to these two places....

First we are going to the Mayan Palace in Mexico with my family and some friends. This is such an amazing trip! We have so much fun every time we go. Im so excited to relax with my hubby on the beach! :) Then for the 4th of July we are going to Del Coronado for a few days with Jared's family! Im so StOkEd! Me and Jared have never stayed in that exquisite hotel. We cant wait! Both trips are going to be amazing especially since we are going with our awesome families!!! I think we are going to be Beached out by the time summer is over haha :)

Thank Goodness Its June :)