Thursday, September 23, 2010

We have found a new hobby!

Jared and I have found something new that we both enjoy....REFINISHING  FURNITURE! 
We discovered that we both LOVE old antiqued furniture :)
It all started when I found an old wingback chair on Craigslist for 15 bucks (Such a steal!). That find then lead us to inheriting a cute antique drop leaf table that my mom found for 5 bucks! 
Which recently lead to me finding some antique dinning chairs on Craigslist for 5 bucks each!
 So we have been super busy with our three new projects!

Im sure Jared is regretting telling me that he likes refinishing furniture just as much as I do...;)

Here is the first project we have tackled...The Table!

Here is the before. The stain was so old and rusted away
(Sorry the pictures aren't the best...all taken with my phone)

We sanded for HOURS! But we were very determined to get it done!

We then stained it a deep walnut color! Turned out PERFECT!
Total time from start to finish=5 hours

The pictures don't give it justice....but it is GORGEOUS in person! :) We love it! 
Its just perfect for our little townhouse!
(ignore the chairs that are with it...those are just temporary until the new ones are done!)

Our next project we are currently tackling is the wingback chair! 
So be on the look out for our next post!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Meet Mr. Keltec SU 16 CA

Jared LOVES guns. 

Roxanne is not the biggest fan. 

Jared brings home his newest "toy"

Now Roxanne likes guns!

How did this happen?!

Well, bright and early one saturday morning,

Jared, Roxanne, and Chad set out to the desert to test the guns abilities.

Lets just say they were all so impressed with Mr. Keltec. It would be hard not to like him!

And now Jared can live happily ever after 

all because he got Roxanne to admit she had fun shooting guns.

The End.