Saturday, March 27, 2010

Meet DeeCee :)! :) Me and Jared are now dog owners! It didnt happen easily though...

Even since we got married I've been constantly trying to convince Jared that we needed a puppy...and for those of you who know Jared he is NOT a dog lover....

Every day he would catch me looking on Craigslist at puppies...puppies...and more puppies! And every time we would have this conversation...
 "please babe they are so cute! please can I have a puppy??" 
"Roxanne, they are cute until they bark, poop, and pee everywhere...its a no"

I thought I was never gunna get one. But that didn't stop me from trying to talk him into it. So...yesterday, my mom calls me at work and tells me that she saw a poster that stated that two 9 week old puppies were for sale...I told her not to tempted me but she sent me a picture message of the two...I fell in LOVE

This is DeeCee...
We just ADORE her. She is the sweetest, cutest and cuddliest dog I have ever met! And the best part about it is Jared cant put her down!!! :) I know it was sneaky of me to just bring a dog home...believe me I felt really bad...but thankfully I married an amazing man who forgives me very easily and loves me very much! So now we have a cute little family, life is awesome! :)


I am in LOVE with my Husband more than any other woman has ever loved her husband! Disagree??? Let me give the proof :) hehe.
So it just so happens that my birthday is in March...(catch my drift???)  :) March 21st as a matter of fact! So lets just say my husband went a little over board with the gift giving....I told him that is was the one and ONLY time I will let him get away with this....Im not the best when it comes to receiving gifts, a card is enough to make me happy. 
Well, it all started when my old PC broke....which is not a good thing because once a week I work from home. So I started to use my moms became a pain and she didn't like that very much because I was using it when she needed it and vis versa. So Jared one night came to me and said "get ready we are going to get you a computer". I tried to talk him out of it the whole way, giving excuse after excuse "we cant afford it", "I can survive without one","my birthday is next week not this week"....etc. Well he just ignored me. We drove up to the Mac store, went in, and came out with a Macbook. Poor Jared had to listen to me jabbering the whole way home about how "this was the most expensive thing i've ever bought", "I feel bad, please take it back"....hahaha. Well to make a long story short it has turned out to be a really good present, I get our moneys worth out of it! I just love it! :)
And Jared is jealous...its prettier than his hehe :)

The night before my birthday, we had a girls night! My Reed cousins went out and got the 'New Moon' movie at midnight and had a PaRtY! :) They made dinner for us and my cousin Alysson made THE cutest cake! It was so much fun, even though i dont really enjoy the movies...they are NOTHING like the books...but it was still fun :) We are all officially all for Team Jacob!!!
Thanks again girlies for such a great night!

LOVED the cake! It was cute the Edward side was filled with red filling and the Jacob side was chocolate carmel filling! 

On my birthday we had a family birthday party, we had one of my favorite foods...My moms Tacos! :) Lets just say they are to die for!!! We were able to have both of our families with us that night it was a blast! I feel so blessed to have such great family surrounding me, I couldn't have asked for better people to be in my life. And we had some fun with the photo booth on my mac.....

Bahahaha we had some good laughs!

 My family got me one of my favorite movies for my birthday Pride & Prejudice. (Its the best). My older brother Chad took me to Macayo's for lunch, it was great to catch up with him and spend time with him I loved it! :) 

Then my AMAZING husband spoiled me again and got me a gift card so I can buy some new clothes!!(Its been along time since ive been shopping) He even agreed to go with me hehe. HE is seriously the greatest hubby! This by far was my best birthday EVER, I will always remember turning 21 :)