Monday, August 27, 2012

Instagram update!

Its been awhile since we've blogged :/
So we are gunna do an Instagram update! :) 

In July we sold my high school car!

And replaced it with this... :) a Mazda3 hatchback!!! We LOVE it!

Jared found his favorite treat from his mission....Rita's Ice Custard!
 They opened a location on Mill Ave.
He was so excited when we found it on a random drive. 
He was like a little kid on Christmas morning :D 
(oh and its super good by the way!)

Then the first weekend of August we went to San Diego with 
our amazing friends Drew and Chloe! It was a Blast!!
We went to the San Diego Zoo and the beach :)
Panda's at the zoo
Amazing breakfast at Pacific beach! The portions are HUGE! 
Worth the longwait in line, haha

Two weeks ago we meet up with some friends for dinner. We walk up and I hear "oh crap!" 
(I thought he stepped in dog poop or something)
I look down and he has two different shoes on.....and this isnt the first time this has happened! Bahaha
We were laughing so hard

A week and a half ago I went up to Utah with my mom, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law
 for BYU's education week!
First stop was my grandpa's grave in Henrieville. 

Then we stayed with 
my aunt and uncle in Mapleton. This is my cute cousin Madi, 
she is hilarious! Funniest little girl, she told me to stay with her
so I could be her sister.  Haha!

Education week! It was so awesome and so uplifting. 
I learned alot!!
I cant wait to go again. I highly recommend going at least once :)

(p.s our cute sister Elle is engaged!
 She got proposed to the day before we went up for education week)

On the last day we visited the provo temple.
 It was a beautiful evening!

The day I came home Jared was leaving for Puerto Rico with my older brother Chad, 
I was so bummed that I wasnt gunna see him for four more days....
(I had been gone in utah for a week, we didnt see eachother for 11 days) It felt like forever :/
BUT when I pulled up to my house I was SO surprised....
Jared (with the help of our friend Drew and our brother Teddy) painted the Trim on our house!! 
And it looks so awesome!
 Way better than the ugly greencolor before. 
I was so happy :) It was the best surprise ever.
 Jared even left mea super sweet note, I cried haha :)

Last but not least on Saturday my mom called me at 8am saying she was at an estate sale
 and that I had to get down there because she found the perfect Tv stand for me....
(ive been looking for over a year for a great old dresser at an awesome price)
She found this beautiful dresser for me and it was 45 bucks!!!
Such a steal! It looks so awesome in our living room :D

Sorry such a random post but now we are caught up....finally :)
and many more to come! Im shooting 3 weddings in the next few months...
wish me luck!!